Aachener Cluster "Personalized Medical Technology" Presents Results

Two EMTs and a patient on a stretcher in front of an ambulance Copyright: © Peter Winandy

The Aachen cluster "medtec-in.nrw: Personalized Medical Technology for Cardiovascular Therapy" presented the results of its recent research on June 18, in the RWTH Aachen SuperC preceeding the International Life Sciences Congress "Biomedica". Part of the work focused on improving telemedical rescue assistance systems, TemRas for short. The cluster will create an outline for the entire project duration. About 40 partners from science and engineering in the Aachen region came together three years ago as part of the project "innovating medical technology in.nrw", in order to create patient-adapated medical-technical solutions for treating heart-circulatory disorders. The NRW state government and the European Union invested 13 million euros in the project.


Now the research specialists in six times will show what tailored solutions for innovative products and therapies can be developed for treating cardiovascular diseases.

Example: Optimized Telemedicine

One of the teams is focused on improving telemedical rescue assistance systems, TemRas for short. 30 percent of emergency assistance operations are cardiovascular emergencies that require fast identification, treatment, and therapy. TemRas offers emergency rescue personnel the possibility of contacting a tele-emergency physician for thorough support of emegency care at any time. Through an information technology network, the tele-emergency physician receives a broadcast of all vital signs, accompanied by picture and video materials from the site and a broadcast live from the ambulance, so that medical support can be provided when an emergency physician is not available on site.

The goal of the project was to miniaturize the consultation system and extend it with additional diagnostic features, such as Bluetooth enabled stethescope. The system is already being tets in selected rescue service areas in NRW.

Closing Symposium Open to All Those Interested – Ambulance On Site

Interested individuals are invited to take a glance at the project results at the closing symposium. The new brochure "PaCE - patient customized engineering" will be publicized then. It contains not only the goals and visions of the project and introduces the sub-projects, but it also illustrates the social opportunities and perspectives in personalized medicine.

An ambulance outfitted with a telemedical rescue assistance system will be in front of the SuperC from about 11:30am to 1pm.

Registrations can be sent till June 11, to Dr. Carin Jansen, LifeTecAachen-Jülich e.V., Tel. 0241/963-1475, jansen@life-tec.org. The number of participants is limited to 100 people.


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