Opening of RWTH Aachen DLR_School_Lab

DLR_School_Lab RWTH Aachen Copyright: © IMA/ZLW&IfU

"Out of school and into the lab" – under this motto, the German Aerospace Center, DLR for short, and RWTH Aachen University invite the public to attend the opening of the RWTH Aachen DLR_School_Lab.


In the future curious school classes will be able to experience a day in the lab full of variety and unsual experiments from the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics. The DLR and RWTH Aachen created an exciting offer for school students in grades eight and above: experiment in an authentic environment, answer technical questions under competent direction, and discover the fun within the natural and engineering sciences.

The DLR_School_Lab Aachen offers introductions to certain topics and hand-on experiments in the fields aerospace, and energy and transport research – with a focus on robotics and artificial intelligence.

The maintenance of a "city of the future" with regenerative energies is controlled and regulated. Flight characteristics of a quadrocopter are analyzed and various types of control are discussed. The aircraft is then flown via physical gestures. The possiblities of modern driver assistance systems are tested in a driving simulator. Two six-eight industry robots are programed. Participants can teach the humanoid robot NAO to walk and dance. The experiment "A Walk on Mars": on the holodeck of the institute cluster, school students go on a scavenger hunt on Mars. They stroll along traces left behind by the Mars Rover and investigate the climate, geology, and topography of the red planet.

Interested school students can register for a visit on the DLR_School_Lab homepage.


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