Researcher from UCLA Teaches RWTH Aachen and Haus der Technik Essen Master Course of Study


In July 2013, an established expert from the University of California, Los Angeles, or UCLA, will teach for the first time in the extra occupational logistics Master course of study at the RWTH Aachen School of Business and Economics and Haus Der Technik. Professor Felipe Caro from the UCLA Anderson School of Management will teach 30 hours of the Logistics Management module in English at Haus der Technik in Essen from July 24 to 27, 2013.


The Deutsche Post Chair of Optimization of Distribution Networks under the direction of H.-J. Sebastian has been working on research together with the Decisions, Operations and Technology Management Group at the Anderson School of Management for about 15 years. As part of this work, Honorary Doctors of RWTH Aachen, Professor A Geoffrion and Professor H.-J. Sebastian have prepared a collaboration between RWTH Aachen and UCLA in the extra occupation logistics Master course of study, in which multiple professors from the Anderson School of Management will be teaching at Haus der Technik in Essen. Professor Caro is kicking off the collaboration.

Caro received his PhD from MIT. He has been a professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management since 2005. Professor Caro’s research interests are in the field of decisions when uncertain and applications in practice. The results of his research project in collaboration with company Zara helped him win the Edelman Award in 2009. At the Anderson School of Management of UCLA, Professor Caro’s teaching includes Operations and Technology Management, Stochastic Models in Operations Management, and Global Supply Chain Management.

The Logistics Management module in the RWTH Aachen and Haus der Technik logistics Master course of study contains the following topics: introduction to supply chain management, matching supply and demand, designing global logistics networks, supply chain contracts, supply chain risk management and processing case studies from Walmart, Zara, and Amazon.

The four day course is open to all professionals and managers in logistics. Interested individuals outside of the logistics course of study may attend. You can find the content of the course and additional information on the Haus der Technik website.

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