First-Year Student Information Day at RWTH Aachen




Diana Küpper

Event Manager


+49 241 80 92724



The RWTH Aachen Student Advice Centre welcomes school pupils from grades 9 to 11 to the First-Year Student Information Day on July 13. It will take place from 11am to 3pm in Kármán-Auditorium at RWTH Aachen, Eilfschornsteinstraße 15. The program encompasses attractive offers from science in which attendees can participate and comprehensive information and advising.


Presentations provide information about subjects and career prospects as well as other topics that have to do with university sutdies. At the faculty and student representative council booths, university memembers and students answer pupils', teacher's, and parents' questions in personal conversations.

University institutions present a number of exhibits and introduce new research projects. Furthermore, visitors can activel test out research experiments. The event organizers want to show how diverse studies can be and give visitors motivation for choosing a specific subject later on.

Registration is not required.


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