RWTH Visits the Region's Most Innovative Sandbox

Monday, June 19, 2023, 3:00pm

Research Into New Types of Raw Material and Energy Technologies at the Nivelstein Sand Works

Ensuring a secure and sustainable supply of the necessary raw materials is one of the major social challenges of our time. The Nivelstein Laboratory of RWTH Aachen University on the premises of and in association with Nivelsteiner Sandwerke und Sandsteinbrüche GmbH in Herzogenrath is dedicated to researching new technologies for a sustainable supply of raw materials and energy. Such a laboratory on location in active mining operations allows development and testing of novel technologies for autonomous, energy-efficient and CO2-neutral raw material production in a real mine environment. Research and industry are directly interlinked, and this not only promotes effective technology and knowledge transfer, but also enables practice-based, competence-oriented university teaching.

Departure/Return SuperC | Templergraben 57 | 2:30pm
Organizer Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT) in association with RWTHextern
Participation Fee free of charge
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Registration deadline: Friday, June 16, 2023
Maximum number of participants: 15