2019 Doctoral Jubilee – Perfect Weather and Perfect Atmosphere

Group photo of jubilarians Copyright: © Kurt Beyer

It has now become a long-established tradition for RWTH Aachen University to honor its current and former graduates with a special celebration on Aachen’s CHIO grounds every September. And it was no different this year – the University invited all new graduates as well as silver and golden jubilarians to celebrate their achievement and time at RWTH together on September 14.


Doctoral Jubilee 2019


A total of 1,300 graduates and 78 jubilarians accepted the invitation and attended the event with friends and family. Around 5,000 participants moseyed around the site, their faces shining with the sun.

This year, the day once again kicked off with a series of honorary events. On the one hand, proRWTH honored particularly committed graduates with the Borchers plaque and the RWTH Springorum commemorative coin. RWTH also honored its successful doctoral candidates from 25 and 50 years ago by presenting them with a renewed doctoral certificate at the annual doctoral jubilee.

Those who completed their doctorate in 1968 and 1993 were invited to join the event this year, with 13 golden jubilarians and 65 silver jubilarians accepting the invitation. Once the jubilarians had been accoutered with a gold or silver caps and sashes, the event could begin. First, the guests were warmly welcomed by Rector Professor Ulrich Rüdiger, who took the opportunity to present the latest developments and news from RWTH.

The celebrations could then commence. The 13 golden jubilarians received their renewal certificates from the Rector’s delegate, Professor Bernd Markert, who were greeted with applause from the other guests. The silver jubilarians were then presented with their certificates by Professor Markert, Professor Krieg, vice-rector for teaching and learning, Professor Habel, vice-rector for international affairs, and Professor Klee, vice-rector for human resources management and development.

After the certificates were handed over, there was still enough time for a toast and the chance to reminisce about old times. Some of them could even talk to their doctoral supervisors, who did not want to miss this festive day and the opportunity to see their doctoral candidates again. The highlight of the event was the group photo, which Professor Rüdiger also hurried to be part of.

In the afternoon, everyone celebrated in the dressage stadium together – the young graduates, the jubilarians, friends, and family. As in previous years, the current winner of the Aachen Engineering Award, Hans Peter Stihl, gave graduates some words of encouragement once they had entered the stadium to enthusiastic applause and accompanying music from RWTH’s Collegium Musicum orchestra. Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen, Minister of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, also shared some words of wisdom. The University Sports Center, among others, provided entertainment at the event.

This year's ceremony ended with the traditional cap throwing, where all graduates and jubilarians, together with Professor Rüdiger, threw their caps into the air to welcome in their new phase of life! Afterwards, everyone left the stadium to the tune of the German song "Ein Hoch auf uns!" to finish off the day in the warm sunshine.