Computer-Supported Natural and Engineering Sciences


The RWTH graduate school "Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science," AICES for short, is hosting the "Aachen Conference on Computational Engineering Science“ (AC.CES) for the second time. The conference will take place from September 9 to 11, 2013, in the SuperC, Templergraben 55, Aachen.


Event organizers are expecting around 150 participants. Experts, who research and teach at renowned research institutions such Stanford University, the University of Southern California, ETH Zürich, and the University of Oxford will share their knowledge about: the quantification of stochastic uncertainties, inverse problems in materials science, computational biology, model order reduction, optimization and control, and imaging and tomographic inversion.

Interdisciplinary and international collaboration is a fundamental basis of future innovations in the relatively young discipline "computer-supported natural and engineering sciences". Example of application include imaging, which supports the diagnosis of cancer as well as plays in role in cancer research. Other examples include biomarkers for the estimation of the effectiveness of medicinal treatment of cancer and the optimization of dosage schematics for insulin dosages for diabetics.

It is also extremely important for modern biomedicine to gain a better understanding of the complex interaction of genes, proteins, and other biological units. At the same time, modern simulation tools in the industrial have become indispensable. With the help of such tools in many branches of industry – such as automotive and airplane engineering, in the chemical industry, or medical technology – plans and optimizations are implemented that are increasingly complex. The simple availability of computers that are always higher-performing is not sufficient for solving the technological and natural science challenges of the future. The actual difficulties lie in mathematical modelling and their implementation on a computer.

The conference will be held in English. Representatives from the press can directly contact Dr. Nicole Faber from the RWTH graduate school AICES: 0241/80-99130 or .


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