Admission Requirements

  Prospective student during enrollment Copyright: © Martin Braun

Do you want to know whether you fulfill the admissions requirements specific for a course of study at RWTH Aachen? We will gladly walk you through which hurdles you need to overcome to start studies.


Please select the information that best interests and pertains to you:

Bachelor or Staatsexamen

Secondary school stands behind you, university studies before you. We have collected all the necessary information.


From Bachelor to Master - in order to have a seamless transition, you must fulfill certain prerequisites. We have laid out exactly what they are.

Doctoral Degree

Do you want to complete your doctoral degree at RWTH Aachen? Here you will find all the relevant information about doctoral studies and skills training for all doctoral candidates at RWTH Aachen.

Exchange or Incomings

If you want to have a limited stay at RWTH Aachen to study, you can apply as an exchange studend. The most important prerequisite is that you are enrolled at your home university and that you find a supervisor at RWTH Aachen. You can find more information on this topic at Admission Requirements for Exchange Students and Incomings.

Individuals with Vocational Qualification

You can study at RWTH Aachen even if you have not taken the Abitur. We will gladly show you how.

Dual Enrollment

Studying two courses of study simultaneously – that's possible at RWTH Aachen. You can read more on this topic.

Particulars for International Applicants

Please note that there are particular admission requirements and deadlines for international applicants. Always make sure that the admissions information you are reading pertains to you. More detailed information about the acceptance process for international students is available.