RWTH Aachen Still Allocating Study Placements


Despite the double class cohort in North Rhein-Westphalia, RWTH Aachen is still offering the last minute opportunity to begin studies in winter semester 2013/14. This is result of fewer applications being received throughout the state than was generally expected. After the first round of enrollments, there is still a number of subjects in which there are still study placements available. It is still possible to start impromptu studies in the winter semester.


RWTH Aachen still has available study placements in the following courses of study: computational engineering science, electrical engineering, information technology, and computer engineering, computer science, technical communication, materials engineering, industrial engineering with a specialization in materials and process engineering, as well as in the teacher training subjects building technology, chemistry, electrical engineering, French, computer science, machine technology, and textile technology.

Interested application can apply for a study placement in one of the courses of study above by September 15, 2013, through the lottery process online.

If applicants receive a study placement, they will immediately receive written admission after applications have ended. The letter will contain all necessary information regarding enrollment.

You can find information about the individual courses of study and the admissions requirements on the RWTH Aachen home page.