Common Questions and Answers


About the RWTH BlueCard

How do I get an RWTH BlueCard?

After enrolling, all RWTH Aachen students receive a new student ID as a multifunctional smart card.  This is the RWTH Aachen University BlueCard.  In order to receive it, you must transfer the semester fee and upload a (passport) photo.

RWTH Self Service

Please also note that your BlueCard can only be produced if your email address is set up in the form "". Answers to questions about your personal RWTH email account are available via the IT Center Help documentation portal.

For those newly enrolling in the 2023/24 winter semester, your BlueCard will be sent to you by mail to the mailing address entered in RWTHonline, from October 2, 2023. Postal delivery is only possible if you live in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg or the Netherlands. If you have specified another country, you will be informed by e-mail about the further procedure. Please note that delivery may take approximately three weeks from the date it has been processed. Please make sure that your mailing address is always up to date.

How can I update my mailing address in RWTHonline?

You can verify or update your mailing address in RWTHonline at any given time by clicking on the "Current/Home Address" application after you have logged in to the system. First, call up your so-called personal business card and then the corresponding application.


Do I get a new RWTH BlueCard every semester?

No, your RWTH BlueCard is valid for an indefinite period. You have to hand it in upon deregistration from the University.  If you re-enroll at a later time, you will receive a new BlueCard.

How much does the RWTH BlueCard cost?

The initial issue of the RWTH BlueCard is free of charge.

You can get a replacement chip card for free:

  • If your name changes
  • If there an electronic defect and the card is not visibly damanged

There is a fee of 10 Euros if you need a new card due to:

  • Robbery
  • Loss
  • Damage resulting from improper use

What can I do with my RWTH BlueCard?

You can currently use your RWTH BlueCard

  • as a student ID
  • as an e-wallet for cashless payment in Student Services dining halls and cafeterias
  • as a library card
  • at the University Sports Center for participation control
  • as authentication when voting

Student ID

Do I need to activate my RWTH BlueCard?

No, your RWTH BlueCard is immediately ready for use.

I can't find a chip on my RWTH BlueCard. Where is it?

The  chip is inside the card.  There is also an antenna next to the chip.  The chip can establish contact with card readers through the antenna.  The sending range is about 10cm.


Do I get an RWTH BlueCard if I am a cross-registered student or an auditor?

Cross-registered students, enrolled for an additional course of study, receive an RWTH BlueCard, which is valid for four years.  However the card is then labeled "Zweithörerausweise" (Cross-registered ID) instead of "Studierendenausweis" (Student ID).

Cross-registered students, only eligible to take exams, and auditors receive a paper ID according to the old process, since they are only registered for one semester.  If you re-register for an additional semester, you will receive a new ID.

When can I start to use my RWTH BlueCard?

Starting with the semester you enrolled for at RWTH Aachen.

What do I have to do to be able to use my RWTH BlueCard as a library card?

Agree to the library user terms in the RWTH Self Service Portal under the menu option "Meine Optionen" (My Options).  As soon as your library account has been created, you will receive a confirmation email.  You also have the option of activating your library account at the counter in the Unviersity Library (Templergraben 61).

Can I use the library before I get my RWTH BlueCard?

Yes, when you enroll, you will receive a temporary enrollment certificate.  Use this to request a temporary loan permit in the University Library.

Is my RWTH BlueCard movement profile saved?

No.  The individual functions are strictly separated from each other in the chip card.  Electronic uses can only use the parts of the card, for which they have the necessary code.

Is what I eat in the dining hall saved on the card?

In the dining halls, paid meals and drinks are saved under an anonymous number when the card is used.  This number cannot be matched to a person by the payment system or employees in  Aachen Student Services, since no personal information is in the register system.

Can information from my RWTH BlueCard be read without anyone noticing?

No, the encrypted MIFARE DESFire chip ensures this does not happen.

Can I choose whether my RWTH BlueCard contains a chip or not?

Yes.  However, if you decide against the chip, you cannot use the electronic functions.  If you already have an RWTH BlueCard with a chip, you can exchange it for an RWTH BlueCard without a chip in the BlueCard Service Point in the SuperC. A fee of 10 Euros will be charged for exchanging the BlueCard.

When do I need to upload a photo by?

You must upload a photo as soon as possible, so that the BlueCard can be handed out in time for the start of the semester.

You can also upload the photo after this period.  However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your RWTH BlueCard by the start of the semester. 

Where can I upload my photo?

You can upload the photo directly into the identity management system (TIM) using the IT Center's RWTH Self Service functionality.

How do I log in to the identity management system?

With your TIM log in and password.

What is my username ( "TIM log in")?

Your username is a combination of two letters and six digits.For example, "ab123456".

How do I get my username (TIM log in)?

You will automatically receive a TIM activation code for the ConnectMe procedure when you enroll. Please redeem this code right away.

If you have not received an activation code for some reason, please contact the . If you have forgotten your TIM log in, you can either use the PasswordReset application or contact the IT Center Service Desk.

What specifications does my photo need to meet?

You must be clearly recognizeable as you in the photo.  Funny photos will be filtered out.  If you uploaded a funny photo, you will have to personally request a new RWTH BlueCard at the BlueCard service point.  A new photo will be taken there - you will also have to pay an addtion €10.  For this reason, please only upload serious photos in.jpg format that are no larger than 10 megabytes.

You can choose the size and ration (3:4) of your photo in the identity management system.

Tips for Uploading Your Picture

Why do I have to upload a photo?

The photo easily identifies you as the owner of your RWTH BlueCard.  The photo makes everything much simpler for example, if you want to take out books, for participation control at the University Sports Center, or for exams.

How long is my photo stored?

The photo for your RWTH BlueCard will be deleted automatically at the time of your ex-matriculation. You can also delete the photo yourself at any time in the Self-Service/PictureManager.

How does the e-wallet function work?

You load your RWTH BlueCard with a balance at one of the loading stations and then use the card to pay in the Student Services dining halls and cafeterias.  The registers in the dining halls and cafeterias have card readrs that can communicate with the electronic wallet.

How do I use the e-wallet function?

First you need to load your RWTH BlueCard with cash at one of the Student Services loading machings.  To pay, pick an automated register in the dining hall.  Hold your RWTH BlueCard in front of the card reader here.  The corresponding amount will then be deducted from your BlueCard account.

Ich kann mit meiner BlueCard nicht mehr bezahlen. Was muss ich tun?

The validity period of many older BlueCards and e-wallets expired on September 30, 2020. This particularly applies to cards issued in or before 2016. These cards no longer have a payment function and must now be renewed.

Please check whether your BlueCard is valid at one of the card readers. If it is invalid, you can renew it at the Info Point at Academica Mensa from Monday to Friday, 11:30 am to 3 pm.

I'm no longer using the RWTH BlueCard payment function, but my card has a balance. Can this be refunded to me?

Yes. As cashless payments are only available at the RWTH dining halls, the balance on the RWTH BlueCard can be refunded to you at one of the dining hall registers at:

  • Info Point, Mensa Academica
  • Caffè Bar Vita
  • Caffè Lounge, Bayernallee
  • Jülich Dining Hall.

For further information, please visit the Studierdenwerk website: Paying with Your Student ID

I have lost my BlueCard or its chip has gotten damaged. Can I transfer the balance remaining on the card?

On the next working day after getting your new BlueCard, go to any dining hall and insert your card into the top-up or guest card machines. There the remaining balance of your old card can be transferred onto your new one.

If you have any problems or queries, please go to the Information Stand at Mensa Academica, Pontwall 3.

Does the BlueCard also function as my Semester Ticket?

No, you will receive your Semester Ticket as an e-ticket from ASEAG.

Where do I get my enrollment certificates?

"Normal" and special enrollment certificates can be downloaded from RWTHonline, for example

  • Your normal Enrollment Certificate as proof that you are enrolled
  • Your Enrollment Certificate if you receive BAföG (Federal Education and Training Assistance)
  • Your academic progress certificate
  • Your Termination of Enrollment Certificates

All certificates can be validated online.

My name is not printed correctly on the BlueCard. What do I do?

Please contact the Registrar's Office for it to be corrected.

If you have deleted your photo for the BlueCard in the meantime, please upload a new one in the RWTH Self Service first. Afterward we can issue a new card to you when you present your ID card.

My name has changed. Can I get it changed on my RWTH BlueCard?

Yes.  Please register the name change with the Registrar's Office.  You will then receive a new card.  This service is free of charge if you return your old BlueCard. If you have lost your old card, a fee of 10 Euros will be charged for the exchange.

How can I lock my RWTH BlueCard?

Through the Online Lock Function in the Center for Computing's Self Service.  You will need your TIM log in.

Note: Once you have locked your RWTH BlueCard, you cannot unlock it.  If you need a new RWTH BlueCard, you will have to pay the €10 fee.  You will also need to check if you have to upload a new photo or not.

I lost my RWTH BlueCard. What shall I do?

Please check whether you have a current photo in the RWTH Self Service Portal or whether you would like to upload a new one. For a fee of 10 euros and upon presentation of your ID card, we can print out a new card for you at the Information Center in the SuperC. Please send us an email with your request to beforehand.

My RWTH BlueCard is not working properly. What shall I do?

Please check whether your current photo is still available in the RWTH Self Service Portal or whether you would like to upload a new one. We can print out a new card for you if you present your ID at the Information Center at SuperC. Please send us an email at  with your request beforehand.