School and Inclusion


RWTH invites the public to evening talks in German.


The three evening talks that RWTH Aachen University is inviting you to join in November and December 2019 will look at inclusion in schools:

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

On the Social Situation of Children and Adolescents With a Focus on Mental Development – Didactic Issues

This lecture deals with the complexity and problems of the term "mental disability". Changes in the social situation of families with children with mental disabilities have serious effects on the development of children and adolescents who are mainly taught in specialized schools in this field. Didactics in inclusive teaching presents teachers with great challenges, for example considering different levels of appropriation and leading activities.

Kerstin Ziemen, professor for pedagogy and didactics for people with mental disabilities at the University of Cologne, will hold the lecture.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Inclusion of Pupils on the Autism Spectrum

This lecture is dedicated to pupils on the autism spectrum and presents scientific findings and practical experiences as well as methodical and didactic focuses. In addition to the attention and experience in dealing with pupils in a grammar school, the willingness to be flexible and apply situational solutions is always a determining pedagogical moment.

The speakers are Hans-Albert Ohnesorge, founder and director of the Amos Comenius School, and Dr. Marie Theis, who teaches at the Amos Comenius School, which has a focus on autism.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Deaf Peadagogics: Understanding and Comprehending

After taking a look into deaf history, the DeafGain concept – which means profiting through the use of sign language and DeafCognition – will be thoroughly delved into. In this context, well-known deaf personalities will be presented, the meaning of space use in sign language (SignCreative) explained, and insights into DeafArt, including DeafMusic and deaf theater, will be given. The lecture concludes with a presentation of possible teaching modules.

The event is being arranged by Dr. Klaudia Grote, scientific director of the Competence Center for Sign Language and Gesture SignGes at RWTH, Horst Sieprath, staff member at SignGes with the research areas Deaf Gain and Deaf Pedagogics, and Bastian Staudt, teacher at the LVR David Hirsch School for pupils who communicate and learn in sign language and spoken language.


All three events are being organized by the Department of Diversity at RWTH’s Institute of Educational Science and will take place from 6:30pm to 8pm at HKW 5, lecture hall building HKW (Toaster), Wüllnerstraße 1 in Aachen. Admission is free of charge.