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eCHECKUP Alcohol

New Online Program for the Prevention of Risky Alcohol Consumption Among Students.


Student Chaplaincy Project HereForU by AStA

Peer-to-peer counseling


It is undoubtedly RWTH Aachen University’s paramount aim to provide students with sound scientific qualifications and to deliver outstanding graduates.

To ensure that students can cope with the demands of their studies now and in their everyday working lives later, the University is, however, also committed to fostering student health and well-being.

We want to provide students with better personal health resources and help them minimize health risks. We are also concerned with giving the future managers and decision-makers among our students the skills to later practice a health-promoting management style.

Student health management aims to integrate these aspects into students’ everyday lives in a sustainable way and to enable them to study, learn, and live healthily.

We Need Your Input

Please get in touch if you have any bright ideas and would like to be actively involved in developing measures geared towards students' needs.

What are our goals at a glance?

The RWTH Student Health Management team would like to:

  • help students make healthy lifestyle choices during their studies and in later life
  • promote knowledge, attitudes, and skills for creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • with your input, design measures according to your specific needs
  • expand the health resources offered to students and help reduce health risks
  • be the contact for both students and institutions on health-related issues
  • put healthcare actors in touch with institutions and provide a common platform for exchange on health-related matters
  • support the RWTH healthcare actors in their work

Techniker Krankenkasse is supporting RWTH Aachen University in implementing this project.


Helpful Links From the RWTH Student Advice Centre

The Psychological Team of the Student Advice Centre at RWTH Aachen University has produced a series of tutorials in the form of video and audio files to complement our study training and support you in your everyday student life. Why not take a look during a study break?

The series "Raising Awareness of..." will feature a mental health issue each academic year. The topics for 2022/2023 are depression and stress/burnout. You can find more information on this website.


Further Information and Points of Contact for 2021 Addiction Awareness Month

Addresses for Urgent Cases

  • Alexianerkrankenhaus
    Alexianergraben 33
    52062 Aachen
    Phone: +49 241 477010
  • Uniklinik RWTH Aachen
    Pauwelsstraße 30
    52074 Aachen
    Phone: +49 241 800
  • Suchthilfe Aachen

Advising (RWTH/Aachen/Germany)

For Students

For Employees and Trainees

Information on Addiction

Comprehensive information material (addiction prevention, alcohol prevention, online addiction, eating disorders, cannabis, nicotine, and other topics) can be downloaded or ordered from these institutions:




“Sicheres Risiko,” Episode 20, with Werner Barke from Aachen:

“Ohne Alkohol mit Nathalie” – How you can manage to lead a life without Alcohol:


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