Dedication of Second Modular Physics Building

6 people in front of the physics building

After only six months of construction, the second physics module on Otto-Blumenthal-Straße could be dedicated. The building, measuring 1326 square meters, was necessary for additional employees, hired to meet demands that result from the increasing number of students.


The architecture office Fischer und Partner from Aachen received the go ahead in February 2012. RWTH Aachen iteself was in charge of the construction. The building was finished in spring 2013. The approximately five million euro cost was funded by the federal state's Hochschulsonderprogramm.

The time constraint determined the decision for a modular building. The high degree of industrial pre-fabrictaion enable the quick construction time, as well as security for the deadline and costs. 36 modules form a three story, 45 meter long, 17 meter wide, and 12 meter tall building with offices, physics labs, and practical rooms. A bridge attached to the second story provides direct access to Sammelbau Physik. Linear lines of windows and a terra cotta colored metal panel fassade make the building visually pleasing.

The responsible RWTH Director Gabriele Golubowitsch gave recognition to all those involved for the good collaboration: "Teamwork played a decisive roll here."