Development Projects and Successes

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Development Projects

RWTH Aachen University is taking on promising social challenges with strategies and projects in education and research. This is where personal dedication and involvement from individuals is needed, who are aware of their social responsibility.

RWTH Education Fund

RWTH Aachen University rewards students' outstanding achievements with scholarships from the University's own Education Fund. This contains the Deutschlandstipendium and is partially funded through donations from companies, private individuals, and foundations, and funds from Germany.

Lecture Hall Sponsorship

Increasing enrollment and a growing student body demand more space for learning and teaching. It is also important that an excellent technical university, such as RWTH Aachen, stays up to date on technology. Create new learning spaces for our students and you will always be present at the university.


Melaten Pavillion

There is an information center on Melaten Campus, in which events such as investor meetings, information evenings, and exhibits will take place in the future. Take part in this unique project as sponsor!

Commitment to University Sports

Diverse programs, services, and facilities are indispensable for a leading European university. In oder to maintain a high level of service, we continually expand our course offering and facilities. Help us guide University Sports to a successful future.



Super C – Student Service Center

The student service center, SuperC, is the central drop-in center for students with questions about studies. The SuperC has created a lively meeting space in the nucleus of the city and university. Since the end of its construction in the summer of 2008, the SuperC has housed not only the Registar's Office, but also the Department of International University Relations, Fundraising and Alumni, and the Central Examination Office. Aside from its unique architecture, the SuperC is special due to its heating through thermal energy. Through the EU Demonstration Project of the Faculty of Georesources and Material Engineering, geothermal energy for the building was made available with 2.5 kilometer deep drilling. Over 3.5 million euros were donated by dedicate companies, associations, organizations, and individuals for this ambitious construction project.

E.ON Institut für Energieforschung

Since 2006, the E.ON corporation has supported energy research at RWTH Aachen with 40 million euros through a public private partnership. RWTH Aachen strengthened its research position in this future field through the founding of the E.ON Institute for Energy Research. The E.ON Institute for Energy Research is a milestone for research oriented cooperations between universities and companies – both with respect to its magnitude as well as its quality. Since the summer semester in 2007, five research groups have worked together on issue for energy efficiency and climate protection.

Palliative Medical Station

Grünenthal Inc. established the first endowed chair for palliative medicine in Germany at RWTH Aachen University Hospital. Treatment and advising methods for incurable sick and dying patients are being developed through the 5.9 million euros endowment capital. This is being integrated as a fixed component into the education of medical students as well as doctors at the University Hospital in Aachen. A station with eleven palliative beds at Aachen University Hospital was created through a donation from the personal assets of the longstanding Grünenthal CEO Michael Wirtz. Every year over 200 people are helped there during the last and most painful phase of their lives.


MOGAM – Learning and Work Center for Students

Young-Sup Huh of RWTH Aachen filled a long-cherished wish: With his donation, the RWTH alumnus had a desperately needed learning and work center for students built. In a glass building a comfortable working environment has been created; the work stations are modern and offer internet access. In October 200, the donator had a festive opening with a number of guests for the MOGAM - Learning and Work Center. Since then, numerous students use the new learning space daily. To honor the Korean promoter, the building is named "MOGAM“. In German, this means "making the earth blossom."

Seed Capital for the Development of Science Sponsorships at RWTH

Through a generous donation of 800,000 euros, Rainer Fraling and Theo Lieven are supporting RWTH with the construction of the fundraising team. Based on the American university model, the university would like to strengthen private means through professional and systematic fundraising, so that it can keep up with international universities on a financial level. This seed is already producing fruit: In the last years, the donation of both Vobis founders was multiplied through the acquirement of other financial supporters for strategic university projects.