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ing more research - getting a realistic idea - discovering scientific approaches - get additional information about your subject! Here are our recommendations for the Psychology course of study:


Psychology at RWTH Aachen

Should I study psychology in Aachen?

The Institute of Psychology offers a helpful decision matrix.


Interesting information for bookworms

RWTH Aachen University Library also offers books on loan to prospective students. The following books are recommended for prospective students of psychologists.

The following books provide an initial glance at curriculum content:

  • Gerrig, R. J., & Zimbardo, P. G. (2008). Psychologie (18. Auflage). München: Pearson Studium.
  • Huber, O. (2013). Das psychologische Experiment. Eine Einführung (6. Auflage). München: Huber.
  • Spoun, S., & Domnik, D. B. (2004). Erfolgreich studieren. München: Pearson Studium.

What can I expect after finishing my degree?

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst - Who does what?
What different training options are there?

A brief and comprehensive answer can be found on the sites of the Deutsche Psychotherapeutenvereinigung and the Deutsche Psychotherapeutenkammer.

The following professional associations also provide information about career prospects:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie

Berufsverband deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen


Other insights into Psychology

Lectures Online

Some research institutes and universities have lectures on topic areas in psychology online – for example on Vorlesungen online.