Data Security - How (un-)safe is our information society?




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The current topic in the series "Uni at City Hall" is "Data Security – how (un)safe is our information society?" WDR journalist, Bettina Staubitz, will be moderating the event. Discussion participants from RWTH Aachen include Prof. Dr. Ulrike Meyer, Computer Science and IT Security Teaching and Research Area,  Prof. Dr. Roger Häußling, Chair of Sociology with a focus on Technological and Organizational Socioloty, and the regio IT Data Protection Officer, Bernhard Barz.


The topic of data security is back at the focus of public debate after the NSA spy affairs. The insecurity has grown. More and more private information is being digitally saved, sent, and networked with varying technologies. How secure is personal data such as emails, telephone conversations, account or healthcare information? Technological, legal, and ethical questions will be discussed during the panel discussion: What is possible, what is allowed, how can we protect ourselves, and above all: What does the future look like?

The event will take place on Thursday, October 31, 2013, at 7:30pm in the Coronation Hall of Aachen City Hall, Markt. Admission is free of charge, and registration is not required.