Applause for Graduates and Professors


A final lecture for this year‘s graduates from the School of Economics: “University Study as Production System.” This was the title of Professor Grit Walther’s tongue-in-cheek and amusing review of the students’ time spent at university. The professor of Operations Management was obviously delighted at the occasion: “For a university instructor, there’s nothing like sending out students into the real world. Congratulations!” Sadly, one of the graduates was missing from the ceremony. At the beginning of the event, the Dean, Professor Oliver Lorz, called for a minute of silence in memory of Liliya Gottschalk, who passed away in the summer.

  Awardee Professor Grit Walther Copyright: © Martin Lux The Teaching Award of the School of Economics was presented to Prof. Grit Walther (2nd from right). Also pictured are Dean Oliver Lorz, Vice-Dean Daniel Wentzel (left), and the Dean of Academic Affairs, Paul Thomes (right).

The ceremony was attended by this year’s 260 Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, and doctoral students and their friends and family. Also celebrated at the event were the professors and instructors at the School of Economics: On behalf of the graduates, Master’s graduate Harald Brock thanked the instructors for their dedication to the students’ education.

The School’s Teaching Award, which was presented for the first time, went to Professor Grit Walther. This year’s graduate awards for academic excellence went to Dr. Ramin Rufat Oglu Dadašov und Harald Brock.