Lecture Series "Understanding Physics!"




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The "Understanding Physics” lecture series, organized by RWTH’s department of physics and RWTHextern, aims to put science across to the public in an understandable way.


On Saturday, November 16, Professor Achim Stahl from Physics Institute III B will give a talk on "Gravitational Waves – News of the Violent Death of Distant Stars". The talk starts at 11am in lecture hall H03 (Otto Fuchs Lecture Hall) at C.A.R.L. lecture hall complex, Claßenstraße 11, Aachen.

In 2015, the two American LIGO detectors succeeded in detecting gravitational waves that were emitted from two black holes colliding. The so-called Einstein Telescope is currently being planned in Europe. This should be larger and more sensitive and be able to look further into the universe. The region between Aachen, Liège, and Maastricht is also being considered as a possible location for it, as the geological conditions in this area are particularly favorable. Professor Stahl will also present this project and its goals during his talk.

There is no admission charged for the event and it is not necessary to register for it.

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