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Do more research - get a realistic impression - discover academic approaches - get additional information on your subject! Here are our recommendations in the Civil Engineering course of study:


Civil Engineering at RWTH Aachen

First-Year Student Info from the Student Council

The civil engineering student representative council illustrates university studies from a studetn perspective: Civil Engineering Student Representative Council downloads

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Flood Hazards

As is widely known, Aachen features a network of underground streams. But is the city exposed to flood hazards? Professor Heribert Nacken, head of the Department of Engineering Hydrology, explains possible causes and risks of flood hazards.


Make your career with water

The Institute of Environmental Engineering presents the cycle of urban water supply and disposal.



This publication is released irregularly and provides information about current research topics at the university. If you always wanted to know, what kind of research questions civil engineering deals with, read the issue RWTH-Themen "Bauingenieurwesen“.


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Immer Wasser im Keller!

The RWTH Institute of Water Engineering and Water Management presents its work: Alles im Fluss.


What are Civil Engineers concerned about?

Schaffen, was bleibt

This website allows you to partake in the work of five civil engineers for 24 hours: Schaffen was bleibt. The Deutsche Bauindustrie has published some interesting films on its Youtube channel about the typical work day in civil engineering.


Other insights into Civil Engineering

Become a Civil Engineer!

The deutsche Bauindustrie website offers prosepective students information from first-hand experiences: Become a civil engineer (de).

Chamber of Engineers in North Rhine-Westphalia

The Chamber's website offers first-hand experience and information for school students, university students, and graduates. Their internship database is particularly helpful.


The Assocation of German Engineers also offers first-hand information on its page Bauen und Gebäudetechnik.