Construction Materials Tester

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Focus: Asphalt Technology, Geotechnical Engineering, Mortar & Concrete Technology


Brief Info

  1. Secondary School-Leaving Certificate: Fachoberschulreife
  2. Selection Process: Application and interviews
  3. Personal Requirements: Interest in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, and technical and analytical understanding
  4. Aptitude Test: No
  5. Length of Training: 3 years
  6. Professional Association: Industrie- und Handelskammer, Bezirksregierung Münster
  7. Exam: Mid exam and final exam
  8. Continued Training: Engineer in the field of constructional engineering

Vocation Description

Training content for construction materials testers is aligned with the focus of the apprentice's choosing.

Geotechnical Engineering Focus

  • Preparing and taking samples
  • Carrying out and evaluating geotechnical lab and field tests
  • Measurement procedures in geotechnical engineering
  • Statistics and documentation
  • The ground as construction material and building site

Mortar and Concrete Technology Focus

  • Preparing and taking samples
  • Mortar and concrete formulas
  • Analysis, testing, evaluation
  • Statistics and documentation

Asphalt Technology Focus

  • Preparing and taking samples, field measurements
  • Analysis, testing, evaluation
  • Statistics and Documentation
  • Recycling
  • Formulas

Practical Training

Practical training takes place at different university institutes and chairs. Supplementary company based training is at the RWTH Vocational Training Center (BAZ).

School Training

School training takes place in block sessions from six to eights weeks for each half of the year in Berufskolleg Beckum, Hansaring 11, 59269 Beckum. During the block sessions, apprentices live in the Caritashaus, Paterweg 50, 59269 Beckum. They can simultaneously acquire the advance technical certificate.


Salary, Job Ticket, and Vacation during Training

Training Salary:

1st Training Year: 1,086.82 euros

2nd Training Year: 1,140.96 euros

3rd Training Year: 1,190.61 euros

Contributions to capital formation: 13.29 Euros

Job Ticket: starting July 1, 2023, 24 euros a month

Christmas Bonus: 95 percent of November salary

Vacation Days: 30 days a year




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