Business Administration & Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering B.Sc. Media Library


Initial Look at Studies and Research

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology offers school students a look at its diverse study offers and informative taster offers on their website. Their website also has all the important information about studies and research at the Faculty. You can also print a flyer that contains all the most important information at a glance. Faculty website for school students


Information from the Student Council

First-Year Student Info from the Student Representative Council

Do you want to see RWTH studies through a "student lens"? The Student Representative Council offers you a lively portrayal of studies from the student perspective. This information is not legally binding, but it is diverse and written with lots of experience. You can find the first-year student info to download from the representative council page for school students (at the bottom under the headline "Weitere (genauere) Informationen ....").


Interesting Websites

  • VWI – Career and Studies
    The Association of German Industrial Engineers offers an interesting homepage. VWI
  • VDE - Fascination with Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
    Find out more about exciting engineering sciences, your specializations, and career prospects at VDE