RWTH is the 2013 adh-University


RWTH Aachen is celebrating its title as the 2013 University of the Year. The honor took place during the adh evening on Saturday in Bochum. The Aachen University Sports team was accompanied by RWTH Universtiy Rector, Professor Ernst Smachtenberg. The adh Chair honors the outstanding work of the Aachen University Sports Center with this prize.


"The university has used all of its capacities to organize a dinstinctly excellence WUEC. We want to acknowledge this with an honor," maintained adh chair member, Felix Arnold, during his speech. The honor for the University Sports Center staff team is recognition for great passion, interest, and purposefulness, which constantly propelled the program's optimization. "The honor gives the University Sports Center tailwind for its future tasks and for the futher development of building processes for sports facilities," said Nico Sperle, Head of the Aachen University Sports Center, celebrating the honor.

Offering about 85 different types of sports and just under 2400 courses, the Aachen University Sports moves approximatel 14000 students each week. The Aachen University Sports Center is one of the most important sports providers in region surrounding the city of Charlemagne. Many honored guests also enjoyed an atmospheric evening during the adh event. Professor Elmar Weiler, Rector of Ruhr-University of Bochum, Dr. Karl-Heinz Schloßer, Administrative Director of Ruhr University, and Dr. Ingo Wolf, Representative from the NRW State Parliament, were among the honored guests.

During the 108th plenary assembly, Nico Sperle was awarded honorary membership in the association for his decade-long work in educational policy in the adh.