A Quick Visit after 60 Years

Group photo of the jubiliarians 60 years after enrolling at RWTH Copyright: © RWTH Aachen

They enrolled at RWTH Aachen in the winter semester of 1953. 60 years later Hans-Ulrich Engels and twelve other fellow classmates are back in Aachen at their alma mater for a brief visit to celebrate the 60 year anniversary of their enrollment.


Where there were formerly ruins from the war and barracks at the time of their enrollment, there are now modern university buildings. Amazed, the alumni stood in front of the SuperC, surrounded by numerous young students, who were hurrying to their lectures and seminars or sitting under the gingko tree with their laptop. Much has of course changed since then – and the alumni like what they see. During their visit they also got a glance at the future of the RWTH Aachen: during a bus tour of Campus Melaten, Dietrich Hunold from the Alumni Team explained the plans for this urban planning project.

Even after 60 years, the cohesion of the graduates from Faculty III B Electrical Engineering, Class of 1958/1959, is still strong. This is the tenth meeting since 1989. Ten years ago during the fiftieth enrollment jubilee and five years ago during the fiftieth jubilee of their exams, they were able to hear about the current developments of RWTH Aachen. Many theories and plans about the Excellence Initiative, the Bachelor-Master system, and the SuperC, that they had heard at the time, were now available for them to observe in reality.