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Who does what in the International Office?

The RWTH Aachen International Office is available as your main contact at RWTH Aachen University. In order for you to understand our structure a bit better, please note that we have country coordinators for each country, who serve as your direct contact person. You can discuss all institutional questions, such as contractual matters, with them.

The Incoming Student Services Team will happily answer questions you or your students may have about the organization of their stay, the application procedures, etc. The team is responsible for students' supervision from initial contact to enrollment to your students' departure,

You can find their contact information and additional contact information for the International Office in the overview of RWTH Aachen International Coordinators.


Nomination of Students

Please submit an online nomination via our Incoming Online Portal by the deadline listed below. In the step-by-step guide you will find detailed information about creating a user account, registration and nomination. Our Incoming Student Services employees will get in contact with your students and send them all the important information related to the application and admission process.

We ask for your understanding that only online nominations submitted via our Incoming Online Portal can be accepted. Nominations sent via email will not be processed. Furthermore, please note that only students who were officially nominated according to the existing exchange agreements and who registered as exchange students in due time can be accepted.

Nomination for EU/NON-EU partners


Winter semester or an entire academic year

March 31 of each year

Summer semester

October 31 of each year

Nomination for Turkish, Chinese and Indian partners


Winter semester or an entire academic year

January 31 of each year
(due to visa procedure)

Summer semester

August 31 of each year
(due to visa procedure)

Prerequisites for the Nomination of Students

We require our incomings to have particular language skills. These should be noted at the time of nomination, since we require proof of language skills no later than the time of application.

Exchange Student Applications

We have put together a detailed overview of information for exchange students, application, admission, and planning the stay.

We can only accept applications that are complete and have been submitted to the International Office before the deadline. Please pay attention to the application deadlines for incoming students.

Please note the deadline for medicine has changed! These students can now only apply until May 31 for the winter semester and summer semester. The January deadline for the summer semester is not applicable to these students.

Application for EU/NON-EU partners Deadline
Winter semester or an entire academic year May 31 each year
Summer semester December 31 each year
Medicine May 31 each year
Application for Turkish, Chinese, and Indian partners Deadline
Winter semester or an entire academic year April 30 each year
(due to the visa procedure)
Summer semester November 30 each year
(due to the visa procedure)

Application materials are to be sent to Incoming Student Services. The original copy of the Learning Agreement is only sent by postal mail to Incoming Student Service if required by the home university (e.g. for scholarship reasons).


Supervision of Your Students during Their Stay at RWTH Aachen

Supervision by the International Office

During their stay, your students can contact the Incoming Student Services Team and the Info Service Center for all questions regarding the organization of their stay. We prepare the enrollment of your students, support them in finding an apartment, provide information about any relevant topic and issue various types of certificates.

Our main goal is to advise your students competently from the start and ensure a smooth start for their studies in Aachen. In order for your students to settle down and feel at home at Aachen and our university quickly, we have put together a set of information and services:

  • The International Office organizes a Welcome Week for all international students at the beginning of the semester
  • The BeBuddy Program offers the possibility to meet an experienced RWTH Aachen student and to quickly integrate into everyday life in Aachen and university life
  • The numerous Aachen student organizations closely work together with the International Office
  • The Housing Advice Service is there to help in apartment hunting and in the application process for room allotments in student dorms (so-called “quota rooms”)

Academic Supervision by the Faculties

All of the individual faculties provide advising for questions about studies at RWTH Aachen. There are one or more contact persons in each faculty, who support your students in selecting courses and registering for them as well as registering for exams. The Departmental Coordinators are responsible for issuing the Transcript of Records at the end of the stay. If you have questions about this, please contact the respective contact person in the faculty directly.