RWTH Explains the Nobel Prize in Physics


RWTH professors Dr. Thomas Hebbeker, Chair of Physics Institute III A – Experimental Physics, and Dr. Julien Lesgourgues, Chair of Theoretical Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, will explain the topics that have earned the Nobel Prize in Physics on Saturday, November 30, 2019.


This year's Nobel Prize in Physics will go to Jim Peebles, a Canadian-American emeritus cosmologist at Princeton University, and Swiss professors Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz from the University of Geneva. The three scientists will receive the award in honor of their research in astrophysics. Peebles will receive half the prize money for his defining research on the theory of the origin of the universe and his reflections on background radiation and dark matter. Mayor and Queloz will share the second half of the prize money for inducing the search for new worlds and extraterrestrial life in space when they discovered the first exoplanet in 1995.

The lecture “James Peebles and the Sound of the Early Universe/Exoplanets – Living Spaces in Far-Away Worlds starts at 11am in lecture hall H03 – Otto Fuchs Lecture Hall – at C.A.R.L. lecture hall complex, Claßenstraße 11, Aachen. There is no admission charged for the event and it is not necessary to register for it.