RWTH Aachen Erects Temporary Seminar Building for Students


In the winter semester of 2013/14, the first double cohort of secondary school leavers in the federal state of NRW took up their studies. At RWTH, this means a current all-time high of enrolled students of over 40000. In order be able provide a sufficient number of teaching rooms, there are currently several construction projects on the university campus. Due to the delay in the completion of the new lecture hall center on Claßenstraße, the University has built a temporary lecture hall at Republikplatz which seats over 1000 students.


Over the next few weeks, a temporary seminar building will be built on the parking lot behind the so-called Reiff Museum in Schinkelstraße. This building, 75 m long and 12 m wide, will provide space for eight seminar rooms with a floor space of 80 qm each. For accessibility reasons, the building will be one storey high.

Due to the construction work, the parking lot can no longer be used to park cars. The university management asks for understanding in this matter, drawing attention to the parking garage in Professor Pirlet Straße, which has sufficient parking.

The new interim building is scheduled for completion in April 2014. By then, the site will again provide space for 50 cars and about 60 bikes.