Surviving as a Child - Memories of the Holocaust from an Individual Perspective


On Tuesday, January 14, 2014, Tswi Herschel will give a talk on the topic “Surviving as a Child – Memories of the Holocaust from a Child’s Perspective.” The event is organized by the RWTH Teaching and Research Area Pedagogy of Social Sciences.


Tswi Joseef Herschel was born on December 29, 1942, in Zwolle, Netherlands. Shortly after his birth, his parents were ordered to move into the Amsterdam Ghetto. In March 1943, a family with whom the boy’s parents were friends managed to smuggle him out of the Ghetto and took him into the family. In this way, Herschel survived, and in June 1945, he was taken up by his grandmother.

Herschel went to university, established a family, and, in 1986, he moved with his familyto Israel. Since 1991, he has been active as a lecturer and educator.

During his one-week stay in Aachen, Herschel will also give talks at schools in the Aachen region, including the Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium.

  • Time and Location: Tuesday, January 14, Lecture Hall AH III, Ahornstraße 55.

Anyone interested is invited to attend!