Public History in Aachen Movie Theater


RWTH Aachen historians invite the public to a film viewing with speakers and dicussions. The event begins on Wednesday, January 15, 2014, at 7:30pm in Eden Kino, Franzstraße 45 in Aachen, with a showing of the movie "Der Medicus."


After the screening, RWTH professors Dr. Harald Müller from the Chair of Medieval History and Dr. Christian Kuchler from the Teaching and Research Area Didactics of Social Sciences will give spontaneous presentations.

Focus will be placed on the question, whether or not a film adaptation of a novel as a "big" movie can also convey "big" history , since the general depiction of the Middle Ages is controlled by movies and television.

Interested individuals are welcome to attend! Students pay discounted admission. Tickets can be reserved through the movie theater.