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Korea is one of the countries of focus in RWTH's internationalization strategy. Collaboration with Korean universities and research institutions plays a prominent role.



Manfred Martin

Rector's Delegate for Collaboration with Korea


+49 241 80 98148



General Information about Korea

You can get general information about Korea from the following institutions:

Information about Studies in Korea

These offices, sites and documents provide information about studies in Korea:


Based on past experience, organizing an internship in Korea is not easy, since this is how Korean companies hire new employees. The contacts that your RWTH institute has are the most important source of information.

You can find general tips about internships abroad on the RWTH pages about internships abroad. On the DAAD's webpages you will also find a detailed overview of allocation and funding possibilities for internships abroad. The Career Center sometimes publishes internships offers for Korea. The DAAD's RISE worldwide program is a particularly attractive funding option.

Depending on your subject discipline, the organizations IAESTE and AIESEC may be able to find you a suitable internship placement.

The German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD for short, has a DAAD Information Center in Seoul, where you could find additional tips.

ADeKO is the Korean-German Alumni Portal.

The German-Korean Chamber of Commerce also allocates internships. Inquiring with NRW.INVEST Korea can also be helpful.

The KOPRA internet platform offers a database of internship offers in East Asia.


Research Funding Organizations

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RWTH Aachen Exchange Programs

Here you can find an overview of RWTH Aachen's Korean partner universities. Please get more information about the faculty partnership from your faculty's study abroad coordinator.

We recommend attending our group advising sessions.

Furthermore, you can also find information about different exchange and study programs at Japanese universities on the corresponding webpages.

Here you can find information about language and technical Summer Schools and Winter Schools.

Funding Possibilities

RWTH Aachen offers the following scholarship programs for exchanges with Korea:

You can find comprehensive information about different scholarship programs on the following websites:

You can find general information about scholarships and funding on our scholarship page.

Global Korea Scholarship Program

This program, organized by the Korean government, offers a full scholarship for a three years of studies - a one-year language course and two years for a Master's - at one of 60 designated universities in Korea.

  • The application is submitted directly to the university.
  • The application deadline is in March every year. The exact date depends on the university. Studies begin in September.

Additional information is available on the National Institute for International Education, NIIED webpages.

Learning Korean

The RWTH Language Center offers language courses for different learning levels.

RWTH students may pay a reduced fee for the Summer Schools at partner universities.

Here you can find a summer school experience report.

The Intercultural Center of Aachen Students INCAS facilitates language tandems.

The Landespracheninstitut at Ruhr University of Bochum also offers a Korean course program.

Additional links for learning Korean:

Through the BeBuddy Program you have the possibility of meeting Korean exchange students.

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The Mogam Building

Korean alumnus and honorary senator Dr. Young-sup Huh donated the funds to building the Mogam learning center in 2007, which is used as a study space. The Korean term "mo-gam" means "making the Earth usable and making it blossom".

Networks and Korean RWTH Alumni

Han-III Yoo (Seoul National University)

ADeKO is the Korean-German Alumni Portal.

Korea and Korean Culture in Germany

MOFA Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Bonn Liaison Office

Deutsch-Koreanische Gesellschaft e.V.

Korean Culture Center

Korean Student Association in Aachen


Impressions from Korea