Quality Is the Best Recipe: 2013 Intensive Workshop for Deans of Studies in Simonskall


The deans of studies from all nine faculties at RWTH Aachen University met together for the fourth time upon an invitation from Professor Sabina Jeschkie, Professor Aloys Krieg, the Vice-Rector for Teaching, and the Center of Excellence in Academic Teaching in Simonskall in the Eifel. This year's intensive workshop on October 29 and 30 took place with the motto "Quality is the best recipe."

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After an exciting and intensive exchange about accreditation, Professor Schmitt from the Chair of Metrology and Quality Management, introduced the quality goals for excellent teaching at RWTH Aachen that had been worked out in working groups.These S4P, that is students, studies, structure, system, and personnel, of quality management in teaching were consolidated in a following discussion. The first day ended with the signing of a commitment to the worked out quality goals for teaching at RWTH Aachen by the Vice-Rector of teaching, the deans of studies present, the student representative, the speaker of academic staff members, and the AStA chairman

The second workshop day offered the deans of studies and the speakers the possibility to creatively look into the future of university teaching from different roles (vice-rector of teaching, dean of studies, lecturer, student) in a future workshop on strategy "Teaching 2025". Relevant work fields were identified, that could markedly influence the shape of good university teaching and possibly be crucial for excellent teaching in 2025. As in past years, the tradition continued to finish the workshop by having the realizations over the two days influence the update and operationalization of roadmaps developed by the deans of studies and speakers.

Additional information is available from Dr. Esther Borowski and Larissa Köttgen M.A.