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Do more research - get a realistic impression - discover academic approaches - get additional information on your subject! Here are our recommendations in the Technical Communication course of study:


Technical Communication at RWTH Aachen

The article A Bridge between Humans and Technology (de) explains what Technical communication actually means, what students learn, and what tasks they can fulfill in a later career.


Project "Technology in Plain Language"

Students in the technical communication course of study wrote in school newspapers from 2001 to 2005 about concrete research and results from university institutions. In the meantime over 300 projects have been collected in the tagged online database TiK. They provide a good glance into target-oriented writing about complicated issues.

Technik im Klartext - website

Technik im Klartext - video documentation

Der StudTechnik – Communication on Facebook

Current and general informaion on the TK Facebook page

Media libraries for technical disciplines

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