Five RWTH Scientists Among the World's Most-Cited Researchers


Five RWTH Aachen University scholars are among the "Highly Cited Researchers"– the list of the most cited researchers in the world. Physicians Karl Zilles, Twan Lammers, and Fabian Kießling have been named for the first time this year. Also represented are the biologists Björn Usadel and Ralph Panstruga. Panstruga was named to the list in 2014 and 2015, while Usadel has been recognized regularly over the last couple of years.


In research, citations serve as an indicator of the importance of a publication and the quality of the work. The more a paper is referenced by other scientific research papers, the higher its visibility and, thus, also the worldwide perception of the author.

The "Highly Cited Researchers" list was first published by the Thomson Reuters media group. Since 2017, Clarivate Analytics has been taking over the task. The methodology remains unchanged, and the number of citations listed in the Core Collection, the renowned Web of Science literature database, will continue to be analyzed for a period of eleven years.

Source: Press and Communications