University Sports Show 2014 at RWTH Aachen

University Sports Show Copyright: © Hochschulsportzentrum Aachen

On February 4, 2014, the RWTH Sports Center, HSZ for short, together with the sports representative body of the Aachen Universities, will be holding its annual University Sports Show. The program of events starts at 6:30pm.


An evening full of highlights from university sports awaits the guests. First, two awards will be presented, the “Competitive Sports Prize of the Aachen Universities Power by Stawag” and the “Top Volunteering Prize by Sparkasse Aachen.”

Subsequently, the visitors can look forward to a colorful program, in which numerous HSZ sports groups will demonstrate their abilities in impressive performances, thus providing a glance at the extraordinary spectrum of Aachen University Sports. The FH Big Band is providing musical entertainment.

Another highlight of the evening is the Show ‘n‘ Snow Party afterwards, which is free of charge.


Pre-sale tickets are available now for 5 Euros at the following locations – box office tickets will cost 7 Euros.

Office of the RWTH Sports Center
Phone: +49 241 / 80 243 90

RWTH Aachen Info Desk
RWTH Main Building, Templergraben
Phone: +49 241 / 80 940 75

RWTH Aachen Students’ Union (AStA RWTH)
Phone: +49 241 / 80 93 792

FH Aachen Students’ Union (AStA FH)
Phone: +49 241 / 6009 528 07