RWTH Explains the Nobel Prize in Medicine


As part of the series "RWTH explains the Nobel Prize", Professor Jürgen Flöge from the Clinic for Renal and Hypertensive Disorders, Rheumatological and Immunological Diseases (Medical Clinic II) will explain the research of the designated Nobel Prize winners on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.


Scientists William Kaelin and Gregg Semenza from the United States and Peter Ratcliffe from Great Britain will share the Nobel Prize for Medicine this year. They won for their pioneering research into the oxygen demand and supply of cells. Professor Jürgen Flöge will talk about tissue cells' ability to sense and adapt to low oxygen conditions and the impact this has on topics such as altitude training, doping, cancer growth, and anemia in kidney patients. The lecture will take place at 6:45pm in lecture hall HKW1, Wüllnerstraße, Aachen. The event is free of charge, and registration is not required.