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General Information about Taiwan

You can get general information about Taiwan at the Taipei Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany. Here you can also order the . Other sources of information include:

Information about Studies in Taiwan

You can get information about studies in Taiwan from the following offices and institutions:

German Academic Exchange Service DAAD Country Information Taiwan

DAAD Information Center Taipei

Study in Taiwan

Radio Taiwan International

Spiegel online – Studying in Taiwan

Deutschlandfunk – Taiwan, the smaller culture shock

Scholarship programs of the Taiwanese Ministry of Education

Research Funding Organizations

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Taiwan

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Bonn

RWTH Aachen Exchange Programs

Here you can find an overview of RWTH Aachen's Taiwanese partner universities. Please get more information about the faculty partnership from your faculty's study abroad coordinator.

We recommend attending our group advising sessions.

Furthermore, you can also find information about different exchange and study programs at Japanese universities on the corresponding webpages.

Here you can find information about language and technical Summer Schools and Winter Schools.

Internship Opportunities in Taiwan

Contacts that your RWTH institute have are the most important source of information when looking for an internship.

You can find general information on internships abroad on the web pages of the RWTH International Office. The DAAD provides a good overview of internship and funding opportunities on its Praktika im Ausland (de) web pages. Possibly you can find an internship offer on the Career Center's Job Openings (de) page.

For some disciplines, the IAESTE und AIESEC organizations may assist you with internship placements.

The German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD for short, has a DAAD Information Center in Taipei and offers scholarships for internships lasting two months through the Taiwan Summer Institute Programs (de).

The Deutsche Wirtschaftsbüro German Trade Office Taipei also allocates internships.

Further important contacts include the German Trade Office Taipei and the business support agency NRW.INVEST, both of which may help you with finding an internship placement.

National Tsing Hua University also has offers.

The Ministry of Eduation and Cultural Affairs in Taiwan offers The Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Global Network, a two- to four-month internship at a university in Taiwan as part of a German-Taiwanese university partnership.

Please also have a look at DAAD RISE Worldwide - International Research Internships 2015.

The following centers and companies offer interesting international summer internships:

  • ITRI Taiwan: Taiwan Research Center of applied research and technical services
  • Academia Sinica: Basic Research Center of Taiwan
  • TSMC: Largest Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer, third largest in the world after Intel and Samsung

If you have secured an internship placement in Taiwan, you can apply to the PROMOS program for funding.

The National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu offers the NCTU Taiwan Elite Internship Program for a two-month research stay. Three research periods per year are available.

The KOPRA internet platform offers a database of internship offers in East Asia.

Funding Possibilities

RWTH Aachen offers the PROMOS scholarship programs for exchanges with Taiwan.

You can find comprehensive information about different scholarship programs on the following websites:

German Academic Exchange Service

You can find general information about scholarships and funding on our scholarship page.

Learning Chinese

The RWTH Language Center offers language courses for different learning levels.

RWTH students may pay a reduced fee for the Summer Schools at partner universities.

The Intercultural Center of Aachen Students INCAS facilitates language tandems.

Through the BeBuddy Program you have the possibility of meeting Taiwanese exchange students.

Taiwan's Education of Ministry offers the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program for a Chinese language course for up to one year in Taiwan.

The Landespracheninstitut at Ruhr University of Bochum also offers the LSI-Sinicum course program.

Taiwan and Taiwanese Culture in Germany

Taiwan Trade Center Düsseldorf

Taiwan Verein in Germany

Taiwan – the heart of Asia


Taiwan Impressions