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Do more research - get a realistic impression - discover academic approaches - get additional information on your subject! Here are our recommendations in the Computer Science course of study:


Computer Science at RWTH Aachen


This publication series provides information about current research topics at the university. Prospective computer science students will find the issue "Informatik und Informationstechnik" particularly interesting.


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Computer Science at RWTH in Film

The Schüleruni Informatik YouTube channel presents projects of participating school students.

The Teaching and Research Area Computer Science 9 also has its own Youtube channel, that shows many interviews with Aachen students under the heading popular videos. You can find additional videos, that offer an exciting glance into this field, in the Department of Computer Science school student portal.

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Protected space for whistleblowers or cesspool of criminals? Computer Scientist Martin Henze provides insights on the original purpose of the Dark Net and its use for illegal activities.

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Professor Leif Kobbelt is Chair of Computer Science 8 and head of the Computer Graphics Group at RWTH Aachen University. His key research interests include computer graphics and geometry acquisition and processing. In 2013, he received an ERC Advanced Grant to conduct research on the automated processing of 3D models and its application in fields such as architecture, additive manufacturing, and computer games. Furthermore, Kobbelt contributes to the JARA Brain section of the Jülich-Aachen Research Alliance, JARA.

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Blockchain and Bitcoin are not only tech buzzwords – the underlying concepts are important topics of research. Roman Matzutt from the Chair of Computer Science IV talks about the technology underlying blockchain and the future of cryptocurrencies.


Public Events offered by the Division of Computer Science

Computer Science Student Lab

Making the world a better place with computer science? – That sounds like a real challenge! In this 3-day workshop creative and bright minds from grade 8 onwards can develp ideas together with RWTH employees, then implement and present them. For further information and current events see here.


What are Computer Scientists concerned about?

Algorithm of the Week

Algorithms are clever processes that efficiently solve a wide variety of problems. They play a central role in computer science. Do you enjoy working on questions that computer scientists are trying to solve? Tinkerers, who want to try and find solutions to problems in mathematical formulas, can find a new algorithm of the week each week on the Faculty of Computer Science website.


What can I expect after finishing my degree?

the internet page Informatik-Studieren from the Ernst-Dehnert-Stiftung for Software Engineering offers a good overview of the career field for a computer scientist with interesting videos.

The page Einstieg-Informatik offered by the National Office of the National Computer Science Competition in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Science aims at awakening interest for computer science studies.


Other insights into Computer Science

Professional Associations

The German Informatics Society offers current publications and information about apprenticeships and further training, the history of computer science, different departments at universities, and computer science in schools all for prospective students. The Regionalgruppe Informatik Aachen was specifically founded for Aachen and its surrounding region. Information days, network meetings of university groups, and lectures are listed in its event calendar.

The Regionale Industrieclub Informatik Aachen is an independent network in the ICT sector. It promotes collaboration between science and the regional industry and is made up of members from industry, education, and research.

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You were wrong about that!

What does not include computer science nowadays? This is the question young computer science majors of Kaiserslautern University try to answer in their funny, award-winning film. Everything is fair game: Sneakers, pizza delivery services, unsuspecting fellow students, computer nerds and family planning.



Two brochures with decision aids for choosing a course of study are also recommended:


Lectures online

The internet portal Online-Vorlesungen offers exciting lectures on different computer science topics from different universities and institutions that can be followed at home on your own computer.