A Playful Career - New Issue of RWTH Alumni Magazine "keep in touch"


How life goes: Sometimes it happens differently than one thinks. Young architect, Lena Brenk's, life really turned out differently. In 2006 she successfully finished her architecture studies at RWTH; now she Lead Producer for the development of computer games at Firaxis Games, Maryland, USA. There, she works with Sid Meier, one of the most influential game designers in the world.



Dietrich Hunold

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you can find out how it came to this and what experiences Lena Brenk had when beginning her career in the new field in the new winter semester issue No. 56 of the RWTH Aachen alumni magazine "keep in touch". Just like previous issues, the new issue contains valuable information from the alumni network, research, and science. One article describes the "Big Brain" project and how RWTH and Forschungszentrum Jülich scientists worked with Canadian colleagues to create the most detailed 3D image so far of the human brain.

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This 3D image can also be viewed as an animation in the e-version of the magazine. It is once again available for iPads and Android tablet PCs in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore for free. The e-version also contains numerous other extras such as web links, photo galleries, videos, or panoramic images for individual topics.