UROP Symposium

  Presentation of the UROP projects Copyright: RWTH Aachen International Office

Die Ergebnisse der Forschungsprojekte aller UROP-Teilnehmerinnen und -teilnehmer eines Jahres werden jährlich Ende Juli beim öffentlichen UROP-Symposium präsentiert.


The broad spectrum of research projects is presented, on which Bachelor's students from all subject areas have conducted research as part of the UROP program. The symposium also marks the end of the ten-week research summer school, UROP International.

Students present their research results during a poster symposium. Some of the projects will be additionally presented in short, individual presentations. Afterwards, the public symposium offers sufficient time to read the posters and talk with the junior researchers. At the end of the event the UROP certificates are given to the students and project mentors.