Center for Digital Photonic Production Systems


In this year’s review process, the German Council of Science and Humanities recommends to provide funding for a new research center at RWTH Aachen. Thus, the University hopes to receive 57 million Euros in funding support for a planned center on Digital Photonic Production Systems in Aachen.    


The funding sum is provided in equal parts from the federal and the state governments. The final decision on whether funding of the center is approved is taken by the Joint Science Conference, which will assemble in June 2014.

The NRW Minister of Science and Research, Svenja Schulze, congratulated the University upon the recommendation for funding: “This recommendation by the Council of Science and Humanities is the first important step for a positive decision. If the Joint Science Conference decides to follow the recommendation, the project can be launched right away.”

Researchers from a broad range of disciplines, such as materials engineering, physics, medicine, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and economics will investigate novel technologies that use light as a tool. Possible applications include the use of lasers in manufacturing as well as new tools in surface modulation and printing technology.