Discussion Evening on the Film "1917"


RWTH professors will explain the historical references.


RWTH’s Didactics of Social Sciences Teaching and Research Unit and Department of History, as well as Cineplex Aachen, invite you to join them for a discussion evening on the film "1917", which has already won a Golden Globe Award and has also been nominated for an Oscar in several categories. The film is set in northern France in April 1917. In the midst of the trenches, two British soldiers are meant to deliver a message to a British battalion that is about to be attacked.

The discussion evening begins at 7:30pm on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 and will take place at Kino 2, Cineplex, Borngasse 30, Aachen. Following the screening, RWTH professors Christian Kuchler and Armin Heinen will explain the historical references in the film.

Tickets can be reserved via Cineplex. Please note the event will be held in German.

Source: Press and Communications