"NRWege ins Studium" – Scholarships for RWTH Students With a Refugee Status


RWTH’s International Office is offering scholarships to students with a refugee status as part of the DAAD program "NRWege ins Studium” from summer semester 2020.


The following scholarships are offered for particularly talented applicants who have a refugee status and are highly motivated and likely to succeed in their studies:

  • Study Entry Scholarships for students in their first course semester
  • Study Scholarships for students from the second course semester
  • Final Study Phase Scholarships for students who are in their final or penultimate study semester
  • Travel Cost Grant for students attending language and subject preparation courses at the University


If you have a refugee status and fulfill the following requirements, you are welcome to apply:

  • you are enrolled at RWTH or have received admission to study at RWTH
  • you have good German language skills
  • you are suffering serious financial hardship and can prove this
  • you have received an expert testimony from your departmental advisor
  • you can prove a good academic performance during your studies or in your preparatory courses
  • you can achieve a good academic performance with the help of the scholarship
  • you are residing in Germany during the final phase of your studies.

Application Period

February 1 to 29, 2020


You can only apply for the study entry, study, and final phase scholarship online. The online form and list of required application documents can be found on the following page.

You can apply for the travel cost grant by .