Simonskall: Quality Objectives for Learning and Teaching at RWTH Aachen

  Das “Simonskall Commitment" Copyright: © Heribert Nacken

On October 29, 2013, the deans of study from each faculty met in Simonskall for the fourth time for their annual workshop. Focus was placed on agreeing upon university-wide quality objectives for the area Learning and Teaching at RWTH Aachen. On one hand the objectives form the fundamental basis for effective quality management in learning and teaching. On the other hand, they have an outwards signal effect, to attract excellent students and teachers to RWTH Aachen.

Under the direction of the Vice-Rector for Teaching, Professor Krieg, and with support from Professor Schmitt, Chair of Quality Management, and his team, different work groups from the university accomplished target-aimed preparatory work. All faculties, departments, and interest groups at the university were included in the process.

The deans of study, the representative for academic staff, the student representative in the Senate, and the AStA Chair have agreed upon a set number of formulated quality objectives for RWTH Aachen. The fifteen goals are distributed over the areas Students, Staff, Academics, System, and Structure. By signing the Simonskall Commitment, all those involved confirm their commitment to to strive for and attain these objectives.

The criteria and key figures necessary to secure these objectives will be worked on by a inter-faculty work group in the coming months. The group will be supported by a core team made up of staff members from Division 6.2 and the Chair of Quality Management.