RWTH Has New Research Training Group

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The German Research Foundation, DFG for short, is establishing thirteen new Research Training Groups to further support early career researchers in Germany. The RTGs will receive funding of approximately 48 million Euros for an initial period of four and a half years. The training group Quantum Many-Body Methods in Condensed Matter Systems at RWTH Aachen, including collaboration with JARA (Jülich Aachen Research Alliance), is among the new groups.



Volker Meden

University Professor


+49 241 80-27018



Quantum Many-Body Methods in Condensed Matter Systems examines a fundamental problem in the theoretical physics of condensed matter: in solid-state physics, quantum many-body effects lead to collective phenomena, for example, as is evident in superconductors and magnetic and meso- and nanoscopic systems.

The researchers' goal is to provide a description of interacting many-body systems that is as realistic and accurate as possible and to gain a better understanding of correlation effects. They will also be able to apply their knowledge, for example, in the development of functional materials and nanoelectronics.

The project will acquire added value from the combination and development of different complementary methods with which to research many-body systems.

"With a wide range of professors and junior research groups, the Aachen-Jülich environment offers the best research conditions," emphasized RWTH Professor Volker Meden, Speaker of the Training Group.