Human Resources Management is FAMOS


Family-friendly human resources management is important for supporting members of the university now and in the future - recognizing this importance, the RWTH Family Services Center awarded the prize FAMOS für FAMILIE for the seventh time. It is awarded to management personnel at the university, who put forth particular effort for family-friendly working conditions.

  Children and award recipients at the award ceremony Copyright: © Martin Lux Award winners, parents and children, colleagues, and representatives from the university celebrate FAMOS 2014 in the SuperC.

"The selection this year was particularly difficult, which is why we are honoring five people," said Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven, who awarded the prizes. Professors Christian Hopmann from the Institute of Plastics Processing in Industry and the Skilled Crafts or IKV, psychologist Iring Koch, Senate Chair and chemist Ulrich Simon, and Dirk Vallée from the Institute of Urban Planning and Urban Transport celebrated the recognition. A member of the university administration was also among the recipients this year - Iris Wilkening, Head of the Centra Examination Office.

The winners were selected by a jury, made up of representatives from the Rector's Office, Equal Opportunities Office, Integration Team, Family Services Center, and both Staff Councils. Employees, more than anyone else, are asked for their input when it comes to FAMOS: They can nominate their superior for the award at the beginning of the year. Family friendly staff management is evaluated regardless of the culture within the discipline or the size of the institution.

Words of Recognition

"Through the entire organizational structure, from management to academic to non-academic staff, it is possible to invididually adapt career and family to each other. Christian Hopmann always had an open door when it came to this topic. He was flexible in cases of emergency." Parental leave, part time, home office, bringing children to work - none of that is a problem at the IKV, one of the largest institutes at RWTH.

Good work conditions are also appreciated at the Institute of Psychology. The following was said about Iring Koch: In 2011, he established a parent-child room, that is often used. Additionally, all employees can flexibly determine their work hours, work part time if desired, and bring their families to events and excursions. In emergencies, for example, if children are suddenly ill, parents can spontaneously take vacation time.

Early-career researchers are growing around Ulrich Simon and with them, mutual support and understanding. "Our boss is exemplary, because he take family appointments into consideration when planning. He promotes the compatibility of family and career with flexible work hours and has understanding for every family situation. He creates an optimal work atmosphere with great patience, interest, and a wealth of ideas," said his coworkers.

"The basic setting here is family friendly so that you never have to feel guilty if work gets interrupted because of a family matter. It is self-evident for him that work hours are flexibly distributed," read the words of thanks about Dirk Vallée. This also applies to the beginning of work so that children can be brought to daycare or school without stress. Nothing is questioned, not even when it comes to children's hobbies. Concerns of single fathers or mothers are particularly addressed.

Iris Wilkening is considered particularly thoughtful in her division. She knows from her own personal experience what it means to coordinate family and career. Employees with children in school are given priority when it comes to planning vacation time off. She seeks out personal contact to all employees, knows the names of their children, and regularly invites the team to her home to barbecue.