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General Information about the Partner University

Tokyo Institute of Technology is the largest educational institution in Japan in the natural sciences and engineering and is one of the best universities in Japan. Here you can find information about an exchange with Tokyo Tech.

SERP: Summer Exchange Research Program

RWTH Aachen has had an exchange program with Tokyo Institute of Technology since 2012. Students can apply for the Summer Exchange Research Program, SERP for short, and participate in a two to three month research project. The program takes place between June and August. There are three spots available.

In addition to the research project, there are additional optional courses for students, such as a two-day Multidisciplinary International Student Workshop, MISW for short, visits from companies, or cultural events.

You can find the respective departments and appropriate advisors on the Graduate School of Engineering, the School of Environment and Society and School of Materials and Chemical Technology webpages. Other advisors cannot be considered.

Who can apply?

Up to three students from the following faculties:

  • Faculty 1 - Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences

  • Faculty 3 - Civil Engineering

  • Faculty 4 - Mechanical Engineering

  • Faculty 5 - Georesources and Materials Engineering

  • Faculty 6 - Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

An application for the SERP program in combination with the exchange program RWTHweltweit is not possible.

Application till November 29

The application deadline in the International Office is November 29. After you have been selected by the International Office, your applications are forwarded to Tokyo Tech. Tokyo Tech will then inform you at the beginning of March if you have been accepted.

Please send the following documents in English in a single pdf document to Ms. Bettina Dinter in the International Office:

  • RWTH Application Form
  • Resume
  • Statement of motivation
  • A list of three professors, who could serve as supervisors at Tokyo Tech. (Supervisors at Tokyo Tech are looked for using the Star Search System).
  • Research plan in correspondence to the three supervisors' fields of work
  • Transcript of Records (RWTHonline)

We can only take those applications into consideration, which are complete and are in the required format.


Tokyo Tech does not charge tuition fees for the study period. Students are responsible for expenses incurred by housing, insurance, and the cost of living.

Informationen about the Stay

All students are asked to apply for a Japanese student visa with Tokyo Tech's help directly after receiving the SERP acceptance letter.

Students are responsible for organizing their flights themselves. Students are also responsible for finding accommodations. Tokyo Tech can offer assistance if necessary.

All exchange students must have the Tokyo Tech On-Campus accident insurance and pay the premium upon arrival. This costs 1,340 Japanese Yen. Additionally, you must join the National Health Insurance System of Japan.

Health and travel insurance for the duration of the program is recommended.

Please visit the website of Tokyo Tech for further information about application and SERP.

You'll find answers to many questions in the FAQ.


If you participate in the SERP program, you are eligible to apply for the PROMOS and MIRAI scholarships.

When applying to the SERP program, please note that you can plan and follow through with your stay abroad regardless of whether you have received funding through a scholarship. A scholarship is considered additional funding; your stay abroad cannot depend on it.