Approved Speed Projects 2014

Topic/Title Project Coordinators Institute

TEXTILE INDUSTRY 4.0 – assessing the co-evolutionary resilience dynamics of industries and their locational context

Prof. Dr. Martina Fromhold-Eisebith Chair of Economic Geography

Dr.-Ing. Yves-Simon Gloy

Institute of Textile Technology
Prof. Dr. Frank Pohle Jun.-Prof. for History and Culture of the Meuse-Rhine-Region

Working Open Cell Ceramic Foam with Acoustic and Aesthetic Applications in Interior and Exterior Architecture

Univ. Prof. Des. grad. Michael Schulze

Dipl. Des. Hyesug Park

Chair of Plastics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann

Dr.-Ing. Roman Schöldgen

Institute of Plastics Processing

Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Michael Vorländer

Dr.-Ing. Gottfried Behler

Institute of Technical Acoustics

Three Dimensional Measurement of Flow Fields in Glaciology and Urban Climatology Using Lightfield Photography

Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Kneer

Dipl.-Ing. O. Garbrecht

Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. C. Schneider

Dr. phil. G. Ketzler

Physical Geography and Climatology Group

Automated Detection of Innovation Needs (ADIN)

Dr. des. phil. Bianka Trevisan

Prof. Dr. phil. Eva-Maria Jakobs

Textlinguistics & Technical Communication
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mathar Institute for Theoretical Information Technology