Aachen Technology and Innovation Managers Found Invention Center on RWTH Aachen Campus

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On a floor space of about 1000 square meters, the Invention Center will be dedicated to technological trends and innovations. The new center will give companies the opportunity to obtain qualifications in technology and innovation management and develop solutions to particular challenges. The Invention Center was initiated by KEX AG, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT, and the TIME Research Area at RWTH Aachen.


Leeway for Inventors and Discoverers

By way of the Innovation Center, the institutes and companies involved in RWTH Aachen Campus provide their partners with research results and newly identified trends. Partners benefit from having fast and direct access to the services and experience of the research institutions, such as technological studies and market surveys.

The aim of the Invention Center is to facilitate access to technology expertise, provide training and continuing education for technology and innovation managers, conduct joint research with partners from business and industry, and open up networking opportunities for partners in the technology and innovation management community. The Center’s development environment provides a creative framework for joint innovation projects, making it possible to turn ideas into real-world products faster and more cost efficient than before.

The Innovation Center was officially inaugurated on June 24, 2014. More than 50 regional and national companies attended the opening ceremony.

Photo: The initiators of the new center (from left): Professors Günther Schuh, Daniel Wentzel, and Frank Piller; Dipl-Ing. Markus Wellensiek; Toni Drescher; Christian Gülpen.


Antje Hachmöller

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT