New Issue of RWTH Alumni Magazine „keep in touch“


Naoyoshi Yoneyama himself, admits that choosing to study a Master's of European Studies at RWTH Aachen was a good decision. "Without this experience, my work in Düsseldorf today wouldn't be possible." The RWTH alumnus has been Vice-Counsel and Head of Department at the Japanse General Counsulate in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital since August of last year. In the new issue of the RWTH Aachen alumni magazine „keep in touch“ he gives an interview, in which he expalins his relationship with Germany, which began in his childhood, and his current professional responsibilities. He is interested in publicizing and promoting the culture of his country more in the Aachen region. 



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  keep in touch cover page Summer Semester 2014 Copyright: © RWTH/dih The cover fo the new issue of the RWTH alumni magazine „keep in touch“ with Naoyoshi Yoneyama, Vice-Counsel at the Japanese General Consulate in Düsseldorf.  

Brazil and the football World Cup. Even „keep in touch“ has two articles about the current events in South America: RWTH alumnus, Christoph Albrecht, orginigally wanted to do an internship in the USA during his studies, but then an interesting alternative in Brazil popped up. Now he is in Sao Paulo, experiencing a completely new (work) world, that is also proving itself as a good decision.

The current football World Cup is using goal line technology for the first time. This assists referees in uncertain cases in determining if the ball was in the goal or not. FIFA selected the system GoalControl-4D from the company GoalControl in Würselen, founded by employees at Pixargus, a spinoff of RWTH Aachen. Recently during the group match between France and Honduras, the technology had to be used for the first time in a competition – and passed the test without a problem. The piece in the alumni magazine describes the history and development of this special technology, that is now known among football fans worldwide. The digital tablet version of the magazine , available for free in the AppStore and GooglePlayStore, shows an animated video of how GoalControl-4D works.

Last but not least, Aachen's mayor, Marcel Philipp, announces a particular event taking place on September 5, 2014, in his foreword: RWTH and the City of Aachen will be awarding the Aachen Engineering Prize for the first time. The recipient of this honor will be announced in the coming weeks. As usual, the new „keep in touch“ issue also offers additional information from science and business as well as happenings around RWTH.