Talk Lehre 2014

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RWTH Aachen is introducing new media-based teaching: Blended learning concepts are considered an opportunity to meet the challenge posed by large-scale lectures. This topic was discussed at the fourth Teaching Talk, which took place on July 2, 2014.


Best Practice Examples and Support of Blended Learning Ideas: 200 Attendants at this Year’s "Teaching Talk"



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The event was opened by the Vice-Rector for Teaching, Professor Aloys Krieg, and the Chairman of the AStA Student Union, Georg Vonhasselt. In their introductory remarks, both provided perspectives on the topic of Blended learning, which integrates classroom and online instruction and offers further teaching and learning enhancements.

After a presentation by the Rectors's Delegate for Blended Learning, Professor Heribert Nacken, who gave an overview of current projects and exaplained the idea behind the new teaching approaches, several RWTH instructors introduced best practice examples. E-tests and the realtime analysis of demonstration experiments in lectures, for example, make the lecture format more flexible and efficient.

A poster presentation with 26 exhibits on the topic of teaching at RWTH invited the attendants to learn about and discuss new concepts.

In the second part of the event, Dr. Frank Hees introduced RWTH members of staff with experience in implementing blended learning ideas, who agreed to assist others inthe adoption of new technology-enhanced learning methods.

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Furthermore, IT Center staff presented the enhanced RWTH App, whose development was initiated in last year's Teaching Talk event. The app makes it possible to for instructors to offer direct feedback opportunities: Using the feedback channel, students can submit questions and remarks to the instructor, who can respond to these requests either within or after the lecture.

An award ceremony rounded out the comprehensive program. For the second time, Vice-Rector Doris Klee honored RWTH instructors with the honorary title RWTH Lecturer , which is to recognize outstanding performance in teaching and research. All 2014 Talk Lehre presentations are available below External Links.