RWTH Congratulates 62 Apprentices for Completing Their Training

Copyright: © Martin Lux

62 RWTH apprentices received their completion certificates. During a graduation ceremony they were congratulated by Heinz Gehlen from IHK Aachen and RWTH Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven. 


Future construction materials testers include Bünyamin Ergin and Renè Walraven. Anna-Lea John has completed her vocational training as a book binder.

The following students finished training as chemical laboratory assistants: Marina Bohlem, Svitlana Eurich, Ann Christin Kuchenbecker, Julia Nießen, Svenja Winterich, and Christine Zimmermann.

Mario Gyo, Daniel Hafke, Daniel Hesse and Dustin Meyer were trained as electronics technicians for equipment and systems.

Edgar Gligor Bayerle and Ghislaine Marrouk could celebrate their graduation as specialists for media and information services

Vocational training to become an IT specialist with a specialization in systems integration was completed by Nicolas Milo Bahr, Dennis Max Bautz, Thomas Beiten, Jens Dominik Biermann, Thomas Kurt Arnold Breuer, Cédric Horst, Jannik Jeschka, Marco Klempien, Philip Knott, Michael Lillot, Christian Mamat, Daniel Souvignier, Christian Vitten, and Marcus Michael Wernery.

Michael Meyer is now a specialist for waste water technology. Marco Köhler und Thomas Xhonneux have successfully completed their training as specialists for warehouse logistics. Christopher Dominik Strauß is now an industrial electrician.

The following individuals can now call themselves industrial mechanics in precision tool-making: Eugen Bauer, Malte Franz Bauske, Hendrik Gebhart, Christian Alexander Handta, Joshua Helgers, Marc Heinz-Gerd Kawig, Jens Küppers, Joshua Marx, Tobias Mosblech, Jens Reuters and Roland Manolo Schmidt.

Damir Alicic, Sarah Anna Berns, Linda Birgit Debeur, Kathrin Gerth, Miriam Hagelstein, Sarah Pohl, Nicole Richter, Gül Sabab, Vivien Julia Swoboda, Marc Völger and Laura Wollbrecht will be employed as management assistants for office communication in the future.

Tendera Laackmann completed training for machine and plant operation.

Laura Beeck and Kim Daniela Mahler are now medical assistants; Christopher Retz will work in horticulture in the future.